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Writing Shorter Queries Using Outer Joins

Post by Developer Force  (2010-07-16)

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Level: novice


You'd like to write short, simple queries similar to an outer join in SQL. For example, “retrieve all the IDs for accounts whose opportunities are all closed.”


Use IN or NOT IN to write simple queries that exploit support of semi-joins and anti-joins in SOQL.

For example, to find the account IDs for all accounts where there is a lost opportunity associated to the account, use a semi-join:

 SELECT Id, Name 
 FROM Account 
(SELECT AccountId FROM Opportunity WHERE StageName = 'Closed Lost')

To find the account IDs for all accounts that have no open opportunities, use an anti-join query:

 FROM Account
 WHERE Id NOT IN (SELECT AcountId FROM Opportunity
   WHERE IsClosed = false

You can write nested queries using relationships. For example, to find opportunity IDs and their related line items if the line item value is greater than $10,000, issue a query similar to the following:

 SELECT Id, (SELECT Id from OpportunityLineItem)
 FROM Opportunity
   SELECT OpportunityId FROM OpportunityLineItem
     WHERE totalPrice > 10000


Because semi-joins and anti-joins can potentially use a lot of resources during calculation, enforces some limits on these types of queries. For more information, see “Semi-Joins with IN and Anti-Joins with NOT IN” in the Web Services API Developer's Guide.


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 inacloud - my apologies.  It wasn't intentional - but a bug in our (beta) Cookbook app!.

by Jon Mountjoy  (2011-01-19)

This is another useless post.  I hate to be critical but copy and pasting the same query over and over and you don't realize it makes me question the validity of all the jiber-jaber!

by inacloud  (2010-10-26)


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