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Update A User's Status on Chatter

Post by Jon Mountjoy  (2010-07-28)

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You want to update your Chatter status using either Apex or from within a custom Visualforce page.


User status updates are managed through the CurrentStatus field on the User object. Updating the User.CurrentStatus field also updates the User.CurrentStatusLastModified timestamp, which is used on the People tab, and is displayed on the User Profile page

Here's a Visualforce page that asks for the status:
<apex:inputText value="{!status}" id="status" maxlength="100" /> 
<apex:commandLink style="button" value="Update User Status" action="{!doUserStatus}" />
Here's a custom controller that does the actual update:
public string status     { get; set; }

public PageReference doUserStatus()   {
       User user = [select id, CurrentStatus from User where id = :UserInfo.getUserId()];
       user.CurrentStatus = status;
       update user;
       return null;


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PLEASE REMOVE THIS RECIPE!!!  CurrentStatus was deprecated in API 25.  

by a093000000YI7Bl  (2014-07-11)

i have a question about the function doUserStatus.
Why is its type PageReference ? And Where we use the that class ? I am new at apex programming... 

by CANER ÖZDEN  (2011-02-26)


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