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List a User's Followers on Chatter

Post by Jon Mountjoy  (2010-07-28)

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You want to retrieve a list of all the users who are following you.


Listing which users are following me and those which I am following are very similar actions. In fact, they use the same underlying object, EntitySubscription. To display who is following me, you need to add the current User Id (your id, also referred so as the parent Id in this recipe) to limit the results.

Create a Visualforce component, and call it ChatterBubblePeeps:

<apex:component controller="BubblePeepsController" selfClosing="true">
<apex:attribute name="uID" type="String" required="true" description="User ID" assignto="{!uID}" />
<apex:Repeat value="{!followers}" var="f">
This will need the controller, BubblePeepsController, defined. The controller queries EntitySubscription, which is the key:
public class BubblePeepsController 	{	    
    public String uID    { get; set; }
    public Integer followerCount    { get; set; }

    public BubblePeepsController() {}

    public List<EntitySubscription> getFollowers()  {
         // All users who are following us
        List<EntitySubscription> followers = [select id, subscriberid,
               from EntitySubscription
              where parentid = :uid    //set the id of the user who you want to see all their followers
              order by];

        followerCount = followers.size();
        return followers;

Now you're ready to use the component in a page. For example:

<c:ChatterBubblePeeps uID="{!$}" />


You will also notice an additional parameter---allowDML---in the apex:component tag. Component Controllers, by default, do not allow the execution of DML statements (they will throw an Exception complaining about an external entry point). Make sure you set allowDML=true for this recipe to function correctly.


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This example throws the error Unknown property 'BubblePeepsController.followers' when deploying into our Sandbox.  New with APEX and hoping it is just not a bad API for Eclipse version.  Please advise.     

by brian.daul12032008  (2011-11-16)


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