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Hide the Current Date Link on an Inputfield

Post by Sebastian Wagner  (2010-10-12)

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The standard apex:inputfield component for a date field generates a link next to the input field, taking a lot of space. The link allows someone to easily enter the current date. However, when you use multiple date fields within a table component, it can be confusing for the user to have these extra links (see Screenshots). This recipe solves this by creating a Visualforce component that uses CSS to remove the link.


Default Behavior: Current date link is rendered
Note the extra links next to each and every date field. Modified Behavior: Using a Visualforce component to remove the current date link
As you can see, this is a much more compact view.

Visualforce Component Code

Here's the code for the Visualforce component. It wraps the component body in an HTML div tag, and adds styling to hide a part of that wrapped component.
<apex:component access="global">
    div.hideCurrDate span.dateInput span.dateFormat{
<div class="hideCurrDate">
<apex:componentBody />

How to use the component

Here's a simple Visualforce page to demonstrate component usage:
<apex:page standardController="Opportunity">

<apex:inputField value="{!Opportunity.CloseDate}"/>




This code is dependent on the standard salesforce look and feel - and in particular dependent on it not changing. By examining the standard CSS, we know that the current date link is in a span.dateInput span.dateFormat CSS element. So this may be a little fickle depending on UI changes - but it should be easy to change if the standard UI CSS does ever change.


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Thank you for sharing this info. It helpmed me a lot.

by Asish Sasi  (2014-06-23)

Really good write up. Thanks for adding this

by a093000000Bx4xx  (2011-07-04)

can this be changed to work with a Visual Force page.

by lance02232009  (2010-12-05)

 Thanks a lot for adding this.

by imtimran  (2010-11-26)


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