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Cookbook Home » Getting all HTTP headers from an HTTP Response

Getting all HTTP headers from an HTTP Response

Post by paul-lmi  (2010-10-15)

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Level: intermediate


You want to retrieve custom HTTP headers from an HTTPResponse, but you may not know what headers exists. Since Apex assumes you know what headers are in play, you need a way to get all headers, even the ones you don't know about.


Use httpresponse.getHeaderKeys(), and loop through them all to get a list of what's available.

//assuming you've already created your httprequest object
httpresponse res = http.send(req);

//get the list of header names (keys)
string[] headerkeys = res.getHeaderKeys();

//create an object to store your header key-value pairs
Map<string, string> headers = new map<string, string>();

//iterate through they keys, and populate your map
for(string s : headerkeys){
   system.debug('header: ' + s + ' value: ' + res.getHeader(s));


This recipe uses the getHeaderKeys() method to retrieve the keys - the names of the headers. It then uses getHeaders() to retrieve the values associated with those headers.


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