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Cookbook Home » Creating Records from Information in Incoming Email Messages

Creating Records from Information in Incoming Email Messages

Post by Developer Force  (2010-07-16)

Status: Certified
Level: novice


You want to create and associate the following records based on information retrieved from the job applicant's incoming email message:
  • Candidate
  • Job application


Using Apex code, create a new candidate and job application and populate them with the information retrieved from the job applicant's incoming email message. Associate the candidate with the job application. This example assumes that the subject of the job applicant's incoming email exactly matches an existing job name.

  // Creates new candidate and job application objects  
Candidate__c[] newCandidate = new Candidate__c[0];
Job_Application__c[] newJobApplication = new Job_Application__C[0];

  // Creates a new candidate from the information  
  // retrieved from the inbound email  
      newCandidate.add(new Candidate__c(email__c = emailAddress,
      first_name__c = fName,
      last_name__c = lName,
      phone__c = phoneNumber,
      city__c = city));
      insert newCandidate;
   catch (System.DmlException e)
System.debug('ERROR: Not able to create candidate: ' + e);
  // Looks for a job name based on the email subject  
  // (this example assumes the email subject exactly  
  // matches an existing job name)  
Position__c pos;
pos = [select ID from Position__c where name = 
			:email.subject limit 1];
ID jobId = pos.ID;
  // Associates the candidate with the application  
newJobApplication.add(new Job_Application__c(Position__c = jobId,
candidate__c = newCandidate[0].id));
        insert newJobApplication;


  • This example contains no error handling and assumes the email subject exactly matches the job name. You would need to add error handling and, for example, wildcard matching.
  • For a complete example containing code from all the email recipes, see Email Recipes—Complete Code Example.


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