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Ant Dump: Daily Source Snapshots

Post by Kyle Bowerman  (2012-01-23)

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Sometimes you want to take a daily snapshot of you entire code base. This may be weekly, daily, or even several times during a day depending on the velocity of development. The optimal way to do this is check your code into a version control repository like GIT or SVN. For many of us, we just want a local "down and dirty" way to create a daily snapshot that does not overwrite the previous day.


With only adding a few lines to your Ant build.xml file you can run an Ant task that will dump your org's code into a newly created directory in the format OrgNickname-todaysDate.

1. The first Step is to edit your build.xml file and call the built-in property TStamp to initialize the value. For example, after the last property tag in your build.xml, add the following line:


2. Next, add an org nickname, which will be a prefix on all the directories that are created. For this example, I use QA, but you could use anything you like:

<property name="orgNickName" value='QA'/>

3. Combine the previous two values to get the directory name. For example, I used the variable <em>mydir</em> to store this, which I then call from the task named <em>dump</em>:

<property name="mydir" value='${orgNickName}-${DSTAMP}'/>

4. The final step is to add the <em>dump</em> task to the build xml file:

 <target name="dump">
            <echo> mydir = ${mydir}</echo>
        <mkdir dir="${mydir}"/>

As you can see, I print the newly created directory name to the screen just as a reference. This is a left over debug statement that I kept in to remind me what day it was.

5. And finally, run the command <strong><em>ant dump</em></strong>

I have never scheduled this from a cron job, but consider this if you want to automate this task.


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I am having the same problem as Kory. What should be the content of the unpackaged-all.xml file?


by Jose Garcia  (2012-10-22)

I'm receiving an error when I attempt this: BUILD FAILED. Should provide a valid retrieve manifest 'unpackaged'.

It appears ANT is looking for the xml file calledĀ "unpackaged-all.xml" in the build.xml file. Since this does not exist in the ANT directory, it's throwing an error. Do I need to create a generalĀ "unpackaged-all.xml" file that would pull in all of the objects in the Salesforce org? If so, how would I go about creating such a file?


by Kory Howard  (2012-06-27)

Good one.. if you work indpendently, but if in a team then have to do it in SVN to get the latest updates !!


by Jatin Jain  (2012-02-18)


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